2019 My Louisiana Equality & Equity Summit | Oct. 3-5, 2019 | Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge | 8470 Goodwood Blvd., Baton Rouge, LA 70806


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Day 1
Oct 03 2019
Day 2
Oct 04 2019

Welcome Plenary Session

Welcome to the 2019 My Louisiana Equality & Equity Summit. Welcome Purpose Logistics
Quentin Anthony Anderson

Advancing Housing Justice and Tenants’ Rights in Louisiana

Do you know your housing rights? Are you working to advance housing justice in your community? This session will review the basics of fair housing law including how fair housing...
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Karléh Wilson
Maxwell Ciardullo

The Forgotten Victims

Presentation from an Educational non-profit organization geared toward addressing children adolescents effected by the penal system redirecting the school to prison pipeline restorative justice and criminal justice reform.
Dr. Kristen Alana Antoine-Morse

Let’s Talk About ALICE: Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed

The most recent United Way ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) Report for Louisiana reveals that 29%, or nearly 500,000, of Louisiana households are ALICE and another 19 percent live...
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Antoine Pierce
Sarah Berthelot

Teach the Teachers: How having a Gay Straight Alliances in Schools Helps ALL Students

This is an 1.5 hour interactive workshop presenting data from sources including the GLSEN 2017* school climate survey that demonstrates how having a GSA in the school improves acceptances of...
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Guy Robison

For YOUth, By YOUth

While the global youth unemployment rate settled at 13.0 per cent for the period 2012 to 2014 recovery is still elusive and far from universal. The global youth unemployment rate...
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Nicole D. Scott

Building Political Power and Voice Through Organized Prosecutor Accountability Campaigns

Prosecutors exercise nearly unfettered power and discretion in our criminal legal system. Nationally a tactic in the broader strategies to reduce mass incarceration and drive truly tectonic changes in the...
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Jody Owens
Jee Park
Norris Henderson
Alanah Odoms Hebert

Moving Your Community from Uninformed to Active

Move your community (whether it be interest, action, place, practice, identity, or circumstance) along the continuum from uninformed to informed, informed to concerned, and concerned to active. This interactive workshop...
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Skyra Rideaux

Empowering the Grassroots to Address the Racial Wealth Divide

The Racial Wealth Divide Initiative (RWDI) at Prosperity Now has worked with grassroots organizations and teams nationally to help them work through how to integrate racial economic and wealth equity...
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Joyce James
Lillian Singh
Cat Goughnour

Electing DA’s as the Vehicles of Change

In this section, Real Justice will talk about the work that they have done across the country electing progressive DA’s. This section will talk about the success, challenges, and road...
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Chris Lazare

Cultural Disruption

Cultural Disruption explores the concept of culture including its’ complex terms issues and challenges associated with diversity. The presentation challenges audiences to reconsider traditional norms and reflect on how culture...
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Anthony Germade, M.S.

Justice, Jails, and Juries: How Collaborations Are Improving Criminal Justice Systems in the South

A conversation with Will Snowden, Director of the New Orleans office for the Vera Institute of Justice.
Shelley Moore-White
Will Snowden

Power Voters: Connecting With Frequently Ignored Voters to Build Power Behind A People’s Agenda

What would Louisiana’s political landscape look like if people from all walks of life felt empowered to participate in the process and stay engaged, holding officials accountable on the issues...
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Jennifer Harding

LGBTQAI Sensitivity: Labels, Definitions and Why Understanding Matters

A 45 minute presentation defining terms, discussing usage and understanding the spectrum of identity and orientation. Participants will gain a better understanding of terms; the importance of correct use for...
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Guy Robison

The Louisiana Legislative Black Agenda, 2019-2020

An armchair discussion with members of the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus about issues pertaining to communities of color in Louisiana and how statewide policy can address issues of equity.

Racial Equity is Still a Problem in 2019?!

This session will discuss racial equity issues present in higher education. Although there have been advances in racial issues within higher education there are still major gaps that need to...
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Achieving Equality for Women

Women are denied equal opportunities in society; not only, in regards to rights; but also, in pay. While the performance of women is equal to men in the labor force...
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Vivian Guillory
Julie Schwam Harris
Sherie Thomas
Patricia Haynes-Smith

Reclaiming the Promise of Public Education: Action Steps for a Better Future

Many people say public education is failing our children today. Join us for an interactive look at the history of how we got here where we are today and where...
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Women’s Theatre and Social Change

Through the use of explanation dramatic and comic presentations and audience discussion this session will show and tell how ‘Women’s Theatre” can create equity for women and consequently for everyone.
Dr. Aileen Hendricks

Embedding Racial Equity in City Government

The Director and Equity Project Manager from the City of New Orleans’ Office of Human Rights and Equity will discuss ways that municipalities can start making city governments work better...
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Vincenzo Pasquantonio
Caryn Blair

Barriers to Second Chances

Barriers to Second Chances will provide insight on experiences from first hand experiences as a clinician’s and non profit organization perspective. We will explore rational and myths with an interactive...
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Sandra “Candy” Shoemaker-Christophe

After Cash Bail

On any given day thousands of local jails across America are filled with people who cannot afford cash bail. While the wealthy can typically pay bail and walk free shortly...
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Dianna R. Payton
Rev. Alexis Anderson
Ashley White

Racial Sobriety

We live in “racial dysfunction.” Racial Sobriety is a personal journey to find “your” voice. Racial Sobriety is a commitment to see each person as my brother or sister. Results:...
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Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences: Building Self-Healing Communities

The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study is one of the largest investigations ever conducted to assess associations between childhood maltreatment and later-life health and well-being. The study is a collaboration...
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Dr. Sonia Daniels

Just Say No to Styro(foam)

Styrofoam or formally known as expanded polystyrene is a petroleum-based plastic that is used commonly worldwide; yet it genuinely should not be. Styrofoam has been and is continuing to cause...
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Paizley Giovanni Armstrong
DeBrandin Brown Jr.

The Juvenile Crime Dilemma: Reducing Juvenile Crime and Recidivism

It is widely understood that adolescence is a period of development through exploration, experimentation and engagement with risky behaviors. In order to prevent and/or intervene with adolescent risky behaviors, it...
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Jacqueline Nash Grant

Equity at Work: Reflections on Operationalizing Equity

This session introduces the Equity Audit and a group of New Orleans organizations that engaged in several months of equity work. The Equity Audit is a free online tool to...
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Nicole Caridad Ralston

The Most Vulnerable Among Us: A Discussion on the Civil Rights of Women Incarcerated and Detained in Louisiana

Louisiana’s many prisons jails and detention centers across the state are currently the tragic host of two displaced populations: incarcerated women whose permanent facility in St. Gabriel was devastated by...
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Michelle Erenberg
LaKedra Pam
Jamila Johnson
Nishi Kumar
Dolfinette Martin

Food Insecurity in Louisiana: What does it mean? What can be done?

Regardless of their walk of life, everyone deserves to have access to the food they need for an active and healthy life. But nearly 1 in 7 households in Louisiana...
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Danny Mintz

Civil Rights of Louisiana’s Youth

The Children’s Rights Practice Group of the Southern Poverty Law Center has identified three priority areas in which it devotes its work through litigation public advocacy and public education: (1)...
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Susan Fijman
Sophia Mire Hill
April Winder
Cheyenne Blackburn
Neil Ranu
Victor Jones